MobiTreat runs in a browser, so it works on every device (e.g. computer, tablet or smart phone) that has internet access. You can buy your own devices or use the POS system you already have, so you do not need to invest in new hardware. MobiTreat prints at multiple locations like different kitchens and bars, it also works on KDS kitchen display screens. Payments are going straight into your own account for a rate that you choose. We use swipe, nearfield, chipcard and handheld payment terminals. MobiTreat runs on POS screens, tablets and smartphones and may be used by waiters and/or customers for self-ordering or hybrid ordering. All system features are adjustable in your store settings.

While your timer driven menu is visible on the customer's phone, you are able to service them: Dining-in, To Go, Curbside or Delivery based on your selections. At checkout customers can pay with a credit card or select to pay at the register. For Dining-in the waiter can service a table while at the same time allowing hybrid ordering. This means that the customer can add to the tab, pay the tab on their phone or order and pay the waiter.

Messaging: Submitted orders will print and/or show on tablets in the kitchen, bar or any defined department where you prepare products. The chef will mark when ready which is the moment when the waiter or busser receives a message that the food is ready. This allows your staff to wait on customers in the dining room rather than in the kitchen waiting on food to be ready. For curbside orders the restaurant receives a message send by the customer that prints "Customer has arrived at the curbside" at selected printers and screens.

Customer complaints are monitored and resolved, feedback will be sent by email and printed in the store. The ordering process has extensive logging information available, showing what happened during every step of the process.

Alerts and fail-over mechanisms are in place. Your system is monitored by MobiTreat constantly and we will notify you if we see issues. If your internet is down, the system will automatically stop online orders until you are back online, while the POS continues to operate in offline mode. Alerts will be sent when your printer is turned off or is out of paper. We check if your computer runs slow due to malware.

Call-in orders: MobiTreat allows you to have a central place (call center) for taking phone orders while serving your food at different locations. This is saving labor costs.

MobiTreat self ordering and hybrid ordering is fast, transparent and will increase your efficiency: The time needed for receiving orders can be applied to producing quality food. MobiTreat helps you to grow your business without hidden payment fees like credit card residuals. It allows you to focus on things you do best: selling quality food, and that is what is driving your business to the top.