MobiTreat runs on every device (e.g. computer, tablet or smart phone) that has internet access. You can buy your own devices or use one you already have, so you do not need to invest in new hardware; we use your existing systems. MobiTreat prints in the kitchen and you receive payments directly in your own account. You do not have to "batch-out" at night, every transaction is batched instantly.

MobiTreat shows your restaurant's menu on the customer's phone. Customers can select a product or search for products by name and description. At checkout they can pay with a credit card or select to pay at the register, based on your allowed options. Immediately after submitting, the order will print in the kitchen, bar or any defined department where you prepare products. For curbside orders you receive the message "Customer has arrived at the curbside" at your selected printer.

All system features are based on your store settings. The ordering process has extended logging information available, showing what happened during every step of the process.

Alerts and fail-over mechanisms are in place. The system is monitored by MobiTreat constantly and will send you alerts when needed. If your internet is down, the system will automatically block online orders until you are back online while the POS continues to run in offline mode. Alerts will be sent to you when your printer is turned off or is out of paper.

MobiTreat is fast, safe and will increase your efficiency: The time needed on answering the phone and waiting for customer decisions can be applied to producing orders. If you have multiple stores, you can have a central ordering helpdesk for phone-in orders, which is saving staff costs. MobiTreat helps you to grow your revenue without increasing labor costs. It allows you to focus on things that matter to you the most, like making good quality food. This will make everybody happy.