MobiTreat MobiTreat is an all in one POS/Online ordering system running in the cloud. We operate as the IT department of your restaurant business. The system combines Point of sale, Online ordering and Reporting into one corporate system which is running in the cloud. MobiTreat is constantly monitored by us and new staff can be trained by us remotely on the job. We will call you if we notice a system issue rather than you call us. Producing orders can be done from devices which have an internet browser like Smartphones, Tablets or POS terminals. Not only the staff but also customers can place orders from the table or your patio, tickets are sent to the kitchen while maintaining a tab. The tab is paid during settle afterward or will be pre-paid based on your selection. The system has all main POS functionalities like sales, payroll and inventory but it can also integrate into other POS systems. It can work with one store or multiple stores and have a local menu and a corporate menu. A corporate menu can also have exceptions per store. The system is accessible by you at any location via the internet, so closing the end of the day can be done from home. During the day, Sales graph will update in real time and EOD totals can be send by email automatically or are visible on your phone.

Here are some of the mean features:

  • POS, Kiosk and Order online
  • Dining in
  • Orders to go
  • Delivery
  • Curbside
  • MobiTreat coupons
  • Loyalty points
  • Feedback system
  • Gift cards
  • Website hosting