• MobiTreat POS, in-store orders

MobiTreat software most likely will run on your existing hardware since it runs in a web browser. The best hardware to use are 17 inch Capacitive or Infra Red scrollable touch screens, which we can provide for competitive prices. Software leasing is $99 per store per month plus $39.95 per screen per month. This includes helpdesk support on a 0 - 24 hour call back agreement.

  • MobiTreat Online, out of store orders

Merchants who want to receive online orders can choose to pay a fixed monthly fee or fixed amount per order or a percentage fee per order. Fixed monthly fees have an automatic half price feature for low quantity months. On average the fixed monthly prices are between $25 and $70 per month for basic functionality. The 99 cent or 3% rates per transaction comes with the extended functionality including customer bonding and complaints handling service, since it is in both of our interests to grow your business. This last option is the most valuable since we keep track of customer complaints which for privacy reasons is not available to other merchants or any third parties. MobiTreat will mediate when issues arise and provide quality feedback about your stores and customers.

MobiTreat does not provide or sell email addresses or purchasing behaviors and is adhering to the Can-Spam act of 2003.