• MobiTreat POS, in-store orders

MobiTreat software most likely will run on your existing hardware since it runs in a web browser. The best hardware to use is 17 inch Capacitive or Infra Red scrollable touch screens, which we can provide for competitive prices. Software leasing is around $99 per store per month plus $39.95 per screen per month (lower prices exists based on quantity). This includes helpdesk support and IT support.

  • MobiTreat Online, (orders via your website)

Merchants who want to receive online orders can choose to pay a fixed monthly fee or a percentage per order. The full service fee start from $25 basic fee plus 3% per transaction. We integrate with some Online Delivery companies for free if the MobiPOS cash register is in use.

MobiTreat does not provide or sell email addresses when this was used for ordering and payment, and is adhering to the Can-Spam act of 2003. Additionally, the system can ask customers to provide their email address for commercial purposes.