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  • MobiTreat is a cloud-based POS system that seamlessly integrates online ordering and kiosk terminals.

  • With MobiTreat online ordering, your existing website becomes the platform, maintaining your brand identity while acting as an extension of your company.

  • Orders are printed directly to multiple locations such as the kitchen, bar, and cash register in multiple languages. Additionally, you'll receive an email with the customer's order history and last feedback.

  • Utilizing the app or kiosk for ordering increases your average order ticket by 18%.

  • MobiTreat's IT solutions enhance efficiency, allowing you to prioritize product quality over store management.

  • Our active monitoring system ensures peace of mind, with prompt notifications of any system issues.

  • Fully PCI compliant, MobiTreat eliminates the headache of credit card security concerns by not storing credit card information on your computers.

  • Transaction funds are deposited directly into your account without delay.

  • Curbside ordering provides a drive-thru-like experience without the need for a physical drive-thru window, catering to customers with pets or young children.

  • Operating in the cloud, MobiTreat enables real-time order placement and sales revenue monitoring from anywhere. Store managers benefit from blind deposits and paperless end-of-day closing.

  • MobiTreat encourages customers to leave positive reviews on platforms like Yelp after placing an order. Issues are promptly handled by MobiTreat with our full-service plan.

Example partners and Integrations

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