• With MobiTreat - transactions don't get any safer!

At MobiTreat, we prioritize the security of your payment information. Our system employs encryption when communicating with the payment website of the credit card processor, utilizing the latest security protocol TLS 1.2. This ensures that your sensitive card information remains safe and neither the merchant nor MobiTreat has access to it. By adhering to these protocols, our ordering system exceeds PCI compliance safety standards. While some customers may prefer to pay in-store at the cash register, this method can be less secure as not all restaurants require identification when processing cards. At MobiTreat, we enhance security measures by verifying the billing address to ensure it matches. Even in the event of a lost phone, your safety remains uncompromised as no data is stored on the device.

At MobiTreat, we prioritize customer privacy and adhere strictly to regulations regarding email communication. We do not sell or offer email addresses to merchants or third parties. Sending bulk emails without consent is prohibited by law, and we fully comply with the Can-Spam Act of 2003. Customer protection is a fundamental aspect of the MobiTreat system, and we actively shield your email address from spam. During checkout, we request an email address for commercial purposes only if customers explicitly opt-in to receive promotional emails and discounts. MobiTreat will only provide customer email addresses to restaurants on an individual basis when contact is necessary regarding an issue with an order. We are committed to ensuring a seamless dining experience for our customers. If there are any discrepancies with your order, MobiTreat will act as a mediator to ensure that your concerns are addressed by the restaurant management promptly and effectively.