• Benefits using MobiTreat customer POS

Order from: Cashier screen, Kiosk screen or Customer smartphone.

  • Ordering from your table without pressure, looking at pictures and use separate checks.

  • Fast and convenient ordering without waiting in line.

  • No need for a waiter unless you want to.

  • Preorder your food from your office before walking in to dine.

  • Reduce cashiers, focus on customer interaction rather than computer interaction

  • Can be used for Dining in, To go, Curbside and Delivery and it remembers previous customer orders.

  • Waiting times and order status will be communicated to the customer.

  • Independent payment options. MobiTreat is not owned by any credit card provider. You can choose and will get the cheapest credit card deals.

  • MobiTreat send payments directly into your account. (Most systems pay out twice a month after fee deduction)

Cashier Setup