• Benefits using MobiTreat customer POS

Ordering from: Cashier screen, Kiosk screen, Tablets or Customer smartphone.

  • Enjoy fast and convenient ordering from your table without waiting, with automatic separate checks..

  • Streamlined To-Go ordering, skipping the line entirely.

  • Empower waiters with larger sections and reduce payroll costs.

  • Preorder your food and reserve a table from your office before arriving for lunch.

  • Ensure fair treatment and excellent customer care.

  • Unify Dining-in, To Go, Curbside, and Delivery into one system, with the ability to recall previous orders.

  • Automatic calculation of waiting times based on kitchen workload.

  • Independent credit card payment options ensure transparency and control over costs.

  • At MobiTreat, you have the freedom to select your credit card provider and receive daily payments directly into your own account, without any markup.

Cashier Setup